Hello everyone! This is my daily/weekly journal. Wanna write all the interesting thngs happening in my life and Mulan's life in this new country.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


A brother in our congregation who just closed his antique shop had a garage sale. He invited us to come and asked us to pick anything we want and he will give it to us for free. My husband did not want to pick any because he was ashamed so the brother picked a lady figurine ( a very nice one ) and gave it to Mulan. Mulan screamed with frightened face "I do not like idols, Jehovah God will get angry of me!" The brother was so surprised and tried to explain that it is not an idol but a very expensive lady figurine made in the 1940's. But Mulan insisted that it looks like Mary. So the brother picked the 1963 Felix the Cat. Mulan has a clean careful conscience. But I like the figurine though. I wished the brother handed it to me and not to Mulan. He he..


On the busy street of Albany called York St., A lady together with a Bunny Mascot distributed an egg-shaped easter chocolate. The lady said to Mulan "Here sweetie, your easter chocolate!" Mulan, a 'chocoholic' girl strongly said: "No thanks. That chocolate is not good for me. We are Jehovah's Witnesses!" I thought she will say that "chocolate is not good for me, it has lots of cholesterol and fats." Good girl. I am happy of her reaction.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


1. Good morning! It is nice to find you home. "Jehovah's witnesses?! Listen I do not come to your house and talk about my religion and do not do that to me too!" Blag!(door closed).

2. How are you going Sir? It is a nice sunny day, isn't it? "I am not interested! (looking at our bags)and do not say anything. I mean it! Do not say anything! Go!"

3. Hello! How are you today? "I don't remember inviting Jehovah's Witnesses to my door!" ( pointing his fingers to his gate and getting rid of us ) Door: "Blag!"

4. Good afternoon! How are you? "No! no! no! Get away from here!" Door: "Kablag!"

5. We are very happy to find you home because the last time we came here you were not around. "I am not interested!" Is that your usual reply when Jehovah's Witnesses come? May I know please why you are not interested? "I said I am not interested. I am not interested in talking to you people!!!" Door again: "Kablag!" Dog: "Aw, aw, aw!"

6. Good morning! "Not interested, sorry!" It is okay. I just want to read a Scriptur before we leave if it is okay. "Okay!" ( After reading Psalms 37:10,11,29 ) Thank you for listening. We just want to share this Bible thoughts to people, a wonderful hope in the future on earth. "Thankyou but you have different interpretation for that. We will go to heaven and you remain on earth and I do not want to discuss more about it with you". Okay thank you have a nice day!

7. Good morning! "I have my own religion and you people change the Bible". I am glad that you have your won religion that means you believe in Jesus. Jesus Christ said that whenever there is 2 or 3 talking about his name he is in the midst. But may I know please what particular part in the Bible that you said we have changed? "You interpret the Bible by yourself! And your interpretation is wrong!" May I know please what particular Scripture? "No go away, I do not want to discuss about it!"


Saturday, March 19, 2005


Hello guys! After the 2-week slow reading of the Yearbook 2005, I finally finished reading it from cover to cover. I really enjoyed all the experiences and I was even interviewed last Tuesday in the service meeting about my schedule in reading and had me shared some of the experiences I have read. The experiences encouraged me more to be available and share in the kingdom work more than 70 hours a month! I have realized that the hardships and the difficulties that we experience in our territory are just nothing compared to the real difficulties that our brothers and sisters had experienced in Tahiti, Guyana and Iceland. But the rewards that they are having now are remarkable not to mention the future everlasting rewards.I admired the missionary Brother Kjell Geelnard who worked in the boat ( he is not suppose to work because he is a missionary ) just to be able to conduct a study with a very interested person but spend most of his time on the sea. Also, the experience on page 245 caught my attention! They were eating not a fish head but a sheep's head!A sheep's eye is bigger than a fish eye! But the most important is, the missionaries were willing to change and adopt everything for the benefit of God's Kingdom.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Place: Kingdom Hall
Day and Time: Tuesday night

As soon as we started to sing the last kingdom song to conclude the meeting, Mulan told me in Sign Language that she feels going to the toilet for a "number 1". I signed back that she can go right away (because I know that she really do not know how to hold/control "it"). But she refused to go and continued singing instead. While we were about to finish the first stanza of the song, I saw her crossing her legs! I whispered to her to go quick to the toilet. She signed to me that she does not want to go and still continued singing. While we were in the second stanza,I saw her crossing her legs more, holding her tummy but still singing. So I rushed her to the toilet. I have to drag her out of the hall and she was still holding her songbook. I was annoyed of her because she wet her underwear, a little bit dripping when we reached the toilet. I gave her a hand smack on her butt and told her: "I already told you before we started singing that you go to the toilet! Why did you not do it? See, you are wet! Look at me, listen, why did you not go right away when I told you? Next time when I say go, you go okay? Look, you are wet now." I saw her eyes and face all read trying to hold her tears. I helped her wash her hands and told/nag her again. "You see you are wet now, next time when you feel you want to do the "number 1" do it right away, ok? What if you were dripping on the carpet at the hall?" I saw her still holding her tears. She did not say anything because answering back or chatting back is a NO NO to me. She was still still holding her tears looking at me waiting for my next sermon and nag and slowly and silently dry her hands. I asked again: "Mulan give me a reason why did you not do it right away after I told you?" She answered ( trying to hold her tears ) "Because...because I want to sing first" Face red and then tears rolled down on her cheeks silently without any sound." I was shocked of her reason! Here, my daughter trying her best to hold/control "the command of nature" because she wants to sing first ( praise Jehovah first ) and then here I am giving her a smack! It is not loving of me! After a few seconds of being shocked, I gave her the best apologizing hug of a mother. What made me feel bad more is when I gave her a hug, she broke down, wept and trying to catch her breath while crying. I said to her sorry many times on that night drama in the toilet and asked her if she still loves me. What a relief to me when my child assured me of her love and understanding because I am just an imperfect mother.But I still feel bad when I remembered the way I nag to her and gave her an unreasonable smack, especially when I imagine her face trying to hold tears and did not even chat back.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Questions Answered!

1. What time do you get up?
6:00am, my husband and I will go for a 30-minute walk then we do our reading for daily text, bible reading and yearbook ( individual reading ) then my husband will rush for work and I will rush Mulan to school. My husband is a High School math teacher.

2.If you could eat lunch with one person who would it be?
My husband

3.Gold or Silver?

4.What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Shrek 2. We have TV at home but we do not watch TV. We only use it for the Society’s videos. Recently, we watched David. We also watched together the Jehovah’s Witnesses-the Organization Behind the Name, To the Ends of the Earth, Worldwide Association of Brothers, United in Divine Teaching…although I have watched them ages ago but it is nice to watch them together with Mulan and my husband. I still cry when I watched them. Touched. Other than that we do not watch any TV programs. I am not fanatic, just no time sitting down to watch. We do not have any DVD movies at home too.

6.What did you have for breakfast?

Toast (my husband taught me to eat toast. I used to eat rice 3 times a day. Now I only eat rice for dinner. I will eat his toast in the morning and he will eat my rice in the evening ).

7.Who would you want to be stuck in a room with?
My husband and Mulan.

8.Who inspires you?
My Bible Studies.

9.What is your middle name?

Filipino style: When I was single my middle name is “Sumalnap” – this is my mother’s maiden name. Now that I am married, my middle name has changed to “Coquilla” – this is my maiden name. In Philippines, all the single children has the same middle name, that is the mother’s maiden name. Very different from Western Countries. I think this is a Spanish enfluenced.

10.Beach, City, Country?
Country !!!

11.Favorite ice cream?

12.Butter, plain, kettle or salted popcorn?

13.Favorite color?
lavender and green ( my wedding’s motiff )

14.What kind of car do you drive?
When I was in Philippines I drove Mitsubishi Lancer Super Saloon. Now in Australia, I am using Holden Commodore.

15.Where was the last trip you took?
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne – These are in the East of Australia.

16.What characteristic do you despise?
Rudeness and when someone is treated rudely

17.Favorite flower?
Carnation ( Mulan is the Chinese translation for the flower Carnation )

18.If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
United States and Europe

19.What color is in your bathroom?

20.Favorite brand of clothing or store?
I have no favorite brand.

21.Where would you retire?
Whereever my husband want to but I want to be in the new system long before I have to retire.

22.Favorite day of the week?
Saturday because the whole family go in the field ministry together. During weekdays, Mulan is in school and Mal is at work. I am in the field service alone.

23.Where were you born?

24.Favorite sport?
None. Not a sporty person.

25.Where do you live?
Albany, Western Australia

26.Date of baptism?
March 31, 1986, Davao Philippines.

27.What fabric detergent do you use?
Any on special

28.Coke or Pepsi?
I do not drink softdrinks.

29. Are you a morning person or night owl?
Morning person

30.What is your shoe size?
6 or 6 ½ depends on the style

31. Do you have any pets?
None. I am allergy to fur. I have sinusitis.

32.Favorite scripture?
“Let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall.” (1 Cor. 10:12)

33.Favorite book of Bible?
Ruth – I admire Ruth so much.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Philippines and Australia- teh difference in Preaching

It is better to preach in Philippines than to preach in Australia. Australian are more materialistic and very apathetic. At least in Philippines if they are zealous in their own religion they will still listen to our sermons and still allow us to read the Bible with them. Even if they are not interested, they are still polite and respectful. In Australia, they will say "We have our own religion and we do not want to listen to you. Do not say anything!". If one is not interested she will say "Look, I do not have to talk to you I am not interested".

About me part 2/Witnessing in Australia

When I was in the university I managed to regular pioneer while
studying in pioneering protected me so much to be away from temptations. I
studied 5 years in school and at teh same spent my other time pioneering
for 5 years too! Then I started to work. Stopped pioneering. Not happy.
Went back to pioneering while working. I got married last January 24,
2004 with an Aussie brother and he adopted my niece Mulan legally as
our own daugther and we decided to have a child anymore as this systems
is getting worst. I am now back pioneering AP from March to August and
planning to go back to regular pioneering in September. I studied
Pioneer Service School already wayback 1988 but I want to study PSS again
next year. Our elder said that maybe I will be given a consideration
because this is a new country and a new language.

A lot of you are asking how the witnessing is like here. Well, like in
other Western Countries, Albany, as far as witnessing is concerned, is
not really as receptive as in Philippines. What I mean is you can
hardly find a Bible Study. In Philippines, you can start a study in your
first call. But mostly here, no one is at home. The houses are so huge,
2-story, so wide…but do you know how many people are living? Only 2 or
only 1. I remember one time that Mal and I knocked the door of the big
house, the garden is very wide. Then an old woman opened the door, she
said she is not interested. They are friendly, very friendly. But
there are 2 things that Australians DO NOT WANT to talk about: RELIGION
AND POLITICS. If you bring out your Bible, they will say “No! No! I am
okay! Thank you!” I pity the old woman, because she said she is alone in
that house (there are lots here living alone in one house, they survive
because they got money and support from Government). There are
beautifully structured nice houses facing the ocean and they got
beautiful view. What will motivate them to listen to the good news when for
them they are already living in a paradise? Australia’s Peace and Order
is excellent! Albany in particular is very quiet, clean and safe! In
the daily news, I cannot read that there is a robbery that happened,
rape or other crime in the whole town. You have everything. Farms
produce fresh fruits and vegetables. Flowers are everywhere! I mean the wild
pretty flowers are everywhere. Nice views and nice location of this
place is just perfect. If a person living here got them all, it is so
hard to convince him to listen. Mal has a return visit who owned a wide
farm, herd of cattle and sheep, got a beautiful huge house. He got
hectares of yard full of flowers, plants and trees. It is such a beautiful
surrounding! Like a paradise! You can see a big “disk” on top of his
house – a satellite! The wife listens and accepts magazines but no time
study the Bible. The husband drove Mal away! So we go and visit his
wife and talk to her when the husband is at work. Meaning we need to
adjust the time. They do not have kids. Only dogs. I told Mal that their
life is very “empty”. They are millionaires but I do not think they are
happy. They do not have children; they do not have hope in the future.
When they die, where will their money go? Then they die without the
resurrection hope. They are already in their 60’s I think.

I have a return visit who is at my age. She is pure Australian and she
got 2 boys – 7 and 9 year old. I placed her magazines in my 1st visit,
placed Learn Book in my 2nd and magazines in my 3rd visit. She is very
friendly. Next week, I will try to start opening a Bible Study with
her. I met her husband. They seem to be very good. Mal had another return
visit, the wife is a Filipina. When we visit there, they always let us
stay and have a “cuppa tea”. Mulan always goes home with gifts like
fresh fish, fruits and veggies from them. (Well, every time we are
invited for a dinner in a brother’s house we always have something to bring
home – either goods or foods. Tonight, we were invited for a dinner by
a couple in our congregation, at this time to a restaurant for a
change. As what I had told you, we are always invited for a dinner every
weekend. I am glad because aside from the association, I am “saved” from
cooking meals every weekend! Ha!) Go back to witnessing, one time when
were out preaching, the woman said that she is a Catholic and she does
not want to talk to us. We thank her then and she said “No worries!
Good luck! Happy hunting!” Mal and I stared at each other and we just
laughed when we were many steps away from the house. If we will let the
reactions of the people affect us then we will be discouraged in going
from house to house. Mal has also a return visit who is a priest of ….I
forgot what is the name of his religion. He is very friendly to us! He
accepts magazines and gives donations. He listens and asks questions!
He asks more about Scriptures. He does not want a formal Bible study but
we stay long talking to him. We do not know what his motive in talking
to us is. We suspect that he wants to get more Bible informations so
that he can have something to say in his church sermons. Anyway, to look
at the positive side, maybe soon, he will accept the truth as his own.
Maybe soon, if he is really rightly disposed he will apply what he has
learned from the Bible. Maybe soon, one of his members will start
searching the truth because of the things that he shares (which are from
us). I am not discouraged to go to the field ministry even if the
territory is like this. In Philippines, there are people who will talk to us
but they do not take our message seriously. But still we keep on
going. Same here in Australia. In our congregation, there are lots of
witnesses who were discovered thru house-to-house and others experienced
oppositions from the family. It encouraged me. That means we can still
find sheep-like ones. I remembered our Watchtower study last Sunday that
Peter was asked by Jesus Christ to lower down his nets again. Peter
went there before and he knew there was no fish! He could have argued with
Jesus that he went there before already and found nothing! But because
he is obedient, he did not argue. He still went deep and lowered his
nets and there he got lots and lots of fish! For us today, even if no one
is interested in the territory, we still go there again and again. I
keep mastering the Scriptures and the reasoning “why do we call often?”
The result of Peter’s obedience is he was selected as one of the 12
apostles and had the privilege of serving with Jesus as King in heaven! We
are pretty sure there is a reward of our obedience to Jesus’ command
too “keep preaching the good news until the end will come”. Another
advantages for me why I keep on going to the field service is that (aside
from being obedient to Jesus) it gives me a chance to get to know more of
our sisters because I got different sisters picking me up, another is
to get familiar with their Aussie accent that I can now slowly
understand even if they are mumbling, I get familiar with the place so that it
will be easy for me when I am ready for driving. Also, it makes us
overcome loneliness and homesickness. Another is training Mulan to go to
field service while she is not going to school yet. I want to give her
strong foundation before she will be exposed to the world. (School
will start in February. She will be in grade 1 at the age of 6). Go back
again to preaching. In Deaf Ministry in Philippines, you can see the
sign “HH” in the house to house record slip. This means “Hard of
Hearing”. Here in Australia, you can also see “HH” in our record. But it means
differently – “Home and Hiding”.

We only have one (1) regular pioneer in our Congregation. She is in her
40’s. She is a happy contented woman. Her husband is not a witness.
But even if we only got one RP here, publishers are not lazy to go to
out for field service. You can still see groups preaching. There are
people going out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday
afternoon. You can always find a partner in the field. They also have
lots of return visits. They got Bible studies. Angelica is not a
pioneer, but she has 2 Bible Studies. Hindi naman talaga totally fruitless
ang territory. If we try to look at the ratio of Philippine and
Australia when it comes to Bible Studies sa ating Yearbook parang mas mataas pa
ang Australia. Marami nga lang makakausap sa territory sa Pilipinas…

Speaking of religion, there are names of religions here that I have not
heard before. Like Salvation Army Church, Church of the Living Water,
Church of England etc. May Presbyterian Church din dito, Roman
Catholic, Anglican at yung isa pang Catholic…

Another topic: Aussie Terminologies.

“Bring a plate” – when they invite you and will tell you to “bring a
plate” that means you should also bring a food. An experience of a
Filipino couple in Perth: A brother invited them to a party and told them to
“bring a plate”. They were wondering why should they bring a plate when
in fact the brother who invited has lots of plates in their house?!
They did not bring a plate because they were thinking maybe they just
misheard it. When they arrived, all the visitors were bringing food! They
apologize and they now understood what ‘bring a plate” means.

“Tea” – other term for dinner. The same Filipino couple were invited
for a “tea”. The Australian sister said: “We are inviting you for a tea
tonight.” So the couple said we should eat our dinner first because she
said “for a tea”. So they eat dinner first. When they arrived, meals
are served! They were alreay full!

Supper for them is just a snack during night time. Our Book
Study group have “supper” every first Thursday of the month. My husband
(after conducting the Book Study) said: “Next Thursday, we will have
supper night after the book study.” I was problematic on what to cook for
the supper night. Mal said, don’t worry I will just buy a “tim tam” –
a chocolate biscuit (yes we have tim tam in Philippines). I said
“supper? And you will bring tim tam?” He said “yes, that will be alright!” I
did not argue thinking that maybe he wants to just bring something for
dessert that is why he will bring tim tam. Then after the book study, I
was so surprised looking at all the foods on the table were tim tams,
chips, biscuits, nuts and other finger foods! When we get home, I asked
Mal about “supper”. Heavy meal for them during night time is called a
“tea” or a “meal”. Supper is a snack.

“White tea” – We got visitors. Mal asked them “would you like a
cuppa?” That means a drink. One said “I like juice”. That was not a problem
to me. But the other one said “I want a white tea please”. I was
worried because we only have 2 kinds of tea (the green tea and the Lipton
tea). So I told Mal that we do not have a “white tea” only green and
normal tea. He said smiling at me “my honey, white tea is any tea with

Yes they use different terms, sayings, thongs that is new to me. Maybe
because English is not my native language, not my tongue and I was not
using it in my whole life in Philippines! I am glad my teachers taught
me English at school! I can still remember when I was in high school
that there were signs in our classroom “Speak English”. Anyone caught
speaking in our dialect inside the classroom will get a fine. That was
very useful. But I never stop talking to Mulan Cebuano and Tagalog when
we are at home. We still even use the Pilipino Sign Languae here. I
do not want her to forget these languages. We are even encouarged by the
Watchtower to learn more languages so that we can expand our territory
as our "work" is urgent.

About languages: Australia is a melting pot of people from Europe.
There are lots of migrants in Albany who are from Italy ( mostly from
Italy ), Spain, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Normay, Germany, New Zealand we
got from Malaysia and Singapore too! And of course from Philippines. In
our congregations, we are mixed with different nationalities. They all
speak English and have blond, red or white hair, white-colored skin but
you can tell who is Australian and who is not by their accent.

Did I tell you that Albany has lots of taxi cabs? I was so surprise
because everyone has a car, why need a taxi? It is because of the
tourists. I am inviting everyone to come and see the place!

Mulan is teaching Mal to read and speak in Tagalog. Mal really had a
hard time pronouncing Tagalog words and it makes Mulan laugh to death. I
think that is Mulan’s motive in teaching Mal Tagalog. To laugh at!

About me...

My name is Amy Howe. Coquilla is my maiden name. I am 35 years old. I am a Filipino and obviously came from Philippines before I moved here in Australia. I am married to a very loving, God-fearing, Ministerial Servant Australian brother. I was born and raised in the truth. My parents are both in the truth since when they were teen agers. My grandparents on both sides were in the truth and they died faithfully before we were born. There are 5 sisters in the family. I do not have a fleshly brother. All 5 girls in the family were born and raised in the truth and we all are baptised. Our eldest, the 1st child name Ailyn, got married with a non-witness so non-of the family attended the wedding. My father studied the husband and helps him to come to the truth and be baptized. I am the 2nd child. Next to me, the 3rd one is named Ann who got married ahead of me and she married out of the truth so no one again in the family went to the wedding. She never became inactive though. Her husband is a very nice person supporting her to attend meetings and go to field service with their son. But even if her husband is a very nice person, his heart is not into the truth. He commends witnesses but he cannot do what we are doing – preaching from door to door. My sister said that she loves her husband very much but if she will be given another life and chance to go back, she will not choose her husband to be his mate. She is now telling everyone not to marry out of the truth because her regrets are unexplainable. Sometimes she is teary-eyed convincing others not to get emotionally involved with someone who is not a worshiper of Jehovah. The 4th child is named Abigail. She got disciplined when she was 18 for having a child out of wedlock. She was going to school when it happened. My parents were shocked and asked what have they done??? They did their best to raise their children in the truth! Also, Philippines are a country where no support from the government if you have no job and got a child (very different from Australia). She cannot raise and support her child! Since I am the one in the family who has a job (regular pioneering at the same time), I volunteered to get the child and take care of her. So she gave to me her child, whom I named Mulan (from the Disney movie Mulan). I asked a cousin to stay with me and help me take care of Mulan while I am out pioneering or working. When Mulan started to crawl and utter words, she called me “mama”. I became attached with her that if she will be taken away from me I will get depressed and devastated. My sister lived in different city, we stopped our communication because I want her to change the course of her life and go back to Jehovah. We had an agreement that unless she goes back to Jehovah God, she cannot live with me and be with her child. It was painful though but I must be firm for the whole family’s advantage. I remembered Achan that because of his sin, the whole family was affected. Abigail married with an American guy and now lives in the US. But before she left the Philippines, she was already back in the truth and her husband is now studying with the brothers in Tenesse. I am praying they will progress more. My sister said that the brothers and sisters in the congregation are helping and supporting them. The 5th daughter (the last child) is Azanith Love. She is lovely and very spiritual. Maybe because she observed the life of her older sisters, she chose the best course in her life. She is a regular pioneer. She did not pursue University. She enjoyed serving full-time and did not even envy her classmates pursuing University. But something shocked her to the max! We saw butterfly red mark on her face. We went to 5 different doctors to ask for different opinions but all of them gave the same diagnosis. At a very young age (19), she was diagnosed with LUPUS!!! What a shock to my father (elder) and my sick mother (more than 10 years regular pioneer, and still pioneering until now)! Until now my sister from time to time is being attacked by her sickness but she still actively supporting the Sign Language group in Philippines and still enjoying full-time service. That is all about my family. Next email I will tell you about me, Mulan (the child that I adopted) and our life in Australia.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


For several Wednesdays now, Mulan already had done 4 times of her part on her Show & Tell or News. These are what she did/said:

First Wednesday: "Good morning everyone! Last January I went to Sydney to visit the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbor, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Aquarium and Tower Deck. We slept in Bethel Sydney for 2 nights. I met lots of friends there. Then we went to Brisbane, Queensland and enjoyed the Seaworld and Dreamworld. We had lots of fun. I enjoyed the ride. Then we went to Melbourne, Victoria to enjoy the Botanical Garden and the Great Ocean Road. We went to lots of beaches, and hills and mountains there.Beautiful! My mum and dad and i really enjoyed the holiday! Thank you for listening. Any questions or comments?" Classmate: "Did you enjoy there?" Mulan: "Yes, I enjoyed there very much!" Teacher: "Who had been to Sydney, or Brisbane or Melbourne." A few raised their hands.

Second Wednesday: "Good morning everyone! Last weekend, we went to Perth to attend the 2 day Circuit Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses. There, we learned about the Bible more. My dad and my mom went with me. We had our lunch there. During lunch time I played with my friends." Thank you for listening. Any comments or questions? YOu may raise your hand.( No answer )Teacher: "Who went to Perth this weekend?" ( No answer ).

Third Wednesday: "Good morning eveyrone! Do you know that I have a Bible? Here is my cute Bible ( showing the De Luxe Edition of the New World Translation ) with my name on the cover. I read this every night with my mom. Now I am at the Book of Psalms chapter 91. It has no pictures but we can learn a lot from this holy book. I do not watch TV. I love to read. Any comments or questions, please raise your hand." Classmate: "Do you like it?" Mulan: "Yes! I like reading it!" Teacher: "Who has a Bible at home?". (Few raised their hands). Teacher: "Thank you Mulan. Good girl!"

Fourth Wednesday: "Good morning everyone! I have a book Learn From The Great Teacher. Here Jesus Christ said “Let the young children come to me and do not try to stop them”. My dad helps me to read this every Friday evening. Jesus also said “Children, honor your father and your mother.” In this book, I learned that I should not tell a lie and I should respect the older ones and be obedient. If our parents give us a smack, that means they are teaching us to become good kids and they love us. Thank you for listening".